Dr.S.B.L. Shrivastav
President, AGOI
November 10, 2017

My esteemed AGOI colleagues,

I thank you all for giving me this honour and responsibility as the President of the Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India.

Since the time of coming into existence in year 1991. The association of Gynae Oncologist of India, a voluntary organization has come a long way and moving forward at a great pace. The founder of the society had visualized the need of a super specialty training on the women in India.

With the incorporation of various specialties in clinical and allied subjects and active interaction with International facilities, we have been able to bring in new ideas & treatment to the needy population.

Though denied for quite some time, finally Gynaecologist Oncology has been accepted as super speciality in India, because of the sustained push by eminent experts holding official position in the society.

Indian Journal of gynaecologist Oncology has been catapulted to the position amongst leading publication Internationally in recent years

There is a big gap between demand and availability of consultants committed to this specialty, in our country

We shall be perusing further to motivate and train young Gynaecologist in various aspects of the management of Gynaecological cancer, from awareness, prevention to Palliative care as per the needs, availability of resources locally, and affordability of the patient.

Best regards,
Dr. S.B.L. Shrivastava

Head, Dept. of Gynae Oncology
Oncology Centre
a unit of BIMR Hospitals ,Gwalior